Better Together Crista McHugh

Better Together:

One Fond Embrace–Book 1

Crista McHugh

Alex Kahale lost his father and brother within the last year. Now he runs the family cattle ranch on Kauai. If Alex wants to continue to expand the ranch, he will need some help from his estranged wife, country singer Shelby Morris or as he knows her Britney Moore. Who knew that their wild week in Vegas could be benefical for both of them or that the chemistry between them is still alive. Alex needs to convince the Idaho rancher to sell some of the Wagyu heifers and a bull or semen to stimulate his cattle production. The old Idaho rancher wants a family man which means Alex needs to bring Britney to the island. Hopefully he can convince the rancher and Britney that he and the ranch are just what is needed. 

Britney has been sending divorce papers to Alex for the last seven months. She needs to maintain this sweet girl next door persona for her fans especially after her win on Nashville Idol. Britney or Shelby is recording her new album and she only has one more song to record before it’s finished. She can’t let the media find out about her marriage to Alex. The girl next door would never have a week long fling and marry a guy–even if she still dreams about that week. God, if they find out her real name –that would be even worse since her mother is in prison. Britney has too much at stake. When Alex offers her two weeks in Hawaii on his ranch in return for signing the divorce papers–she jumps at the chance. But things don’t go according to plan. Seeing Alex again reminds her of why she fell in love with him in Vegas especially when he arranges a recording session for her and takes her horseback riding. If she falls for him again will he leave like all the other men in her life? How could they make a marriage work if he can’t leave the island?

Due for release on August 20, 2018
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