The Lucky Dress Aimee Brown

The Lucky Dress

Aimee Brown

his novel reminds me of a Sofia Kinella or Marian Keyes with the various hilious antics that arise from Emi. Emi ran away from Oregan after her fiance Jack had his half nake receptionist on his lap. Emi also had a mean girl moment with Greta–her former boss’s daughter. Greta wasted no time when she found out that Emi broke up with Jack. Now Emi has to return to Oregan for her twin brother Evan’s wedding to Hannah–Jack’s younger sister. To make matters worse for Emi, she is in the wedding party with Jack. During a dinner at her brother’s house, Emi finds out that Jack is dating, not not dating just anyone–her arch-nemisis Greta. Greta has always gotten what she wanted. Greta set her sights on Jack and she is going to do everything she can to ensure that she gets him even if Jack’s heart belongs to another. The more the wedding party spends together the more hurt Jack is for what happened between himself and Emi. He can’t forgive himself for what happened–how can he expect Emi to forgive him and take him back. Emi ran away over a thousand miles away to forget him. 
The big wedding day holds numerous surprises for the entire wedding party from an unexpected dye job to an orange spray tan to past secrets being revealed. Brown had me laughing and crying for Emi. This novel will be added to my repeat reading list!

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