Frosted Sweets A.M. Willard

Frosted Sweets 

A Taste of Love Series: Book 1

A.M. Willard

Jayden Rivers knows the moment he accidently bumps into a sweet Morgan carrying her wedding dress that there is something special about her. When he realizes that she ownes the bakery that the studio orders food from–he thinks fate is intervening. But Morgan begins dating Nick, Jayden’s boss. Jayden steps away since Jayden believes that Morgan is engaged or newly married to Nick since Morgan ran into the bakery wearing her wedding dress. He stays with her after the company Christmas party when she eats a bite of Chocolate icing (which she is allergic to milk chocolate). Jayden knows this but not Nick. Jayden remains with her for the remainder of the night at the hospital and the next morning. He loves to watch her bake something Simon couldn’t tolerate. Simon wanted her to sell her bakery. Jayden encouraged her baking creativity and informed that she tastes like the sweet treats that she creates. 

Morgan Lewis is the owner of The Polka Dot Cafe and Bakery. Just days away from her dream wedding, she finds out that her fiance, Simon cheated on her. Simon doesn’t take the hint after she breaks up with him. He interrupts her date with Nick and shows up at her bakery. He also doesn’t cancel the wedding when she tells him to. Simon Kensington isn’t use to being dumped. 
What’s a girl to do? She bakes. She finds herself through her baking. 

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