Blind Kiss Renée Carlino

Blind Kiss 
Renée Carlino

Penny is a suburban housewife living in a McMansion and feeling completing unsatisified with her life. On the outside, she has the perfect life–a 14 year old genius who is going to MIT in the fall, an attractive husband, volunteering at her son’s school, yet nothing feels right. She loves her son Milo dearly. But he will be leaving soon for college. Penny sits outside of a Subway that used to be the ballet studio she studied at in her youth. She dreams of what could have been before her dance partner dropped her tearing two of her tendons and ending her dancing career.
Gavin has been in the friendzone since shortly after he and Penny participated in a psych study to help out Penny’s best friend Ling. Gavin and Penny were blindfolded and asked to kiss to determine whether people can have chemistry without the physical attraction. Gavin asked Penny out immediately after the study but Penny needed to focus on her studies and dancing. But a decision Penny made her senior year changed their relationship.
Gavin has always loved Penny even after the decision she made that changed their relationship. Now, the table have turned. It’s Gavin’s turn to decide whether their relationship can be pursued or if they will forever be stuck in the friendzone with each other even though they both have incedible chemistry together. But horrible timing. Will Penny find that something to fulfill the emptiness in her soul? Will Gavin make the same mistake that Penny did 14 years ago?

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