Switch and Bait Ricki Schultz

Switch and Bait

Ricki Schultz

Blanche Carter is the manager of Literature and Legislature–a book store in Washington DC. She also runs a side business to help women connect with men. As part of Blanche’s services, she takes control of the client’s dating profile and begins the small talk with potential dates until the meet up. Then they switch back. This has never been an issue until klutzy Ansley picks an old flame, Henry–who is Blanche’s best friend, Isla’s brother-in-law. Henry and Blanche had a one night stand on New Year’s three years ago. Henry is the adviser to House Representative Byrd. Blanche helps Ansley become comfortable around men Ansley finds attractive by guiding and talking Ansley through her dates. Until finally Ansley is ready to meet Henry. Unlike with her other clients, Blanche doesn’t pretend to be Ansley when chatting online with Henry. Blanche blurs the lines between Blanche and Ansley. The more Blanche chats with Henry the more she falls in love with him. Blanche decides to distance herself from Henry by expanding her own love life through a gorgeous book store customer that Ansley spilled hot coffee on–Cliff. But Cliff is not what he appears to be. Can Ansley and Henry find the sparks or are the sparks only online with Blanche and Henry?

Published by randasrantsandbooks

I love to read! I review books for contemporary fiction, young adult, and romance novels. I read the majority of my novels on my Kindle.

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