coming to terms

I’m not very happy with my father. He had a BBQ yesterday and called everyone but me. Why? What have I done to offend him or anyone else? Nothing. I would understand if I was or have been a bitchy little girl but I never have been. Actually, I’ve always been quite the opposite. Always doing what has been asked of me with little to no question. Took care of my depressed mother, kept a slight eye on my younger brothers which after a bit grew tiresome and I left it to my parents. Grant it my relationship with Dad has been strained for the past year or so since he divorced my mother and married his mistress. Yes, I am still a little upset about how the divorce went down and the lies told. I’m more upset with him because he lied to me. I want to be ok with everything. I really do pretend to be alright with it all, but sometimes it’s not ok especially since he does all kinds of things with my brothers and her daughters. Him spending more time with her daughters is what upsets me the most. I know it could just be because I’ve always been daddy’s little girl and now I question that. Really, I’ve only been the only girl he has taken care of…now there are four bitches who are getting more attention than me. Even when my parents were together, my dad put me above my mother so….I have been put up on this princess pedestal. I do know how childish and immature that sounds. It’s how I feel. Somehow, I need to come to terms with the fact that I’m not the only one anymore. I know thus far it all sounds small and petty….but it’s not just these few little things. When Alex has his appendix taken out he didn’t come to the hospital to see him but he did when my brother did. Two …maybe three phone calls….and none since we came home from the hospital. He could be keeping his distance because he thinks I’m still pissed about how things went down with the divorce. I had to clean up his mess which yeah I am still mad about but I’m getting over it. Now I’m starting to wonder since I’ve mentioned it three times now. Honestly, I think it has nothing to do with that. As selfish as it sounds, it really is all about me and how I’m being treated. I was mad ….because of that…I pushed him away. Now I’m pouting about it. Yes, I do acknowledge the stupidity and childishness of it all on my part. I’m also not sure how to fix it. I’m going to call him when I get off work tomorrow. I would call him tonight but my mother is here and I don’t want to have that conversation with her here. It would make things even the more awkward that it is.   

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