Day 3 of Tim’s antics

Today is the third day that Tim has been yelling, screaming and basically bitching about everything. First he was upset because Alex didn’t go out and train Flash at the exact moment that Tim said. Grant it, Alex should’ve  went out and trained the dog. But he didn’t thus so Tim went off the deep end. He started yelling–literally yelling.  Stating that Alex is a bad kid and he never listens….blah blah blah. He does listen. At times, he thinks he’s rebelling against whatever teens are rebelling against. There are a few things that Tim was correct about…such as Alex should’ve done what he was told without flying off at the mouth. Tim should’ve tried to hit Alex with a closed fist though according to Tim, he never intended to hit Alex. Tim keeps going on and on about it. To Tim the only punishment for the children is spankings something which I really prefer not to use. I have spanked the twins after they destroy things or make severe messes.
Right now, Tim is talking to his mother which is just making the situation worse than better because she is blaming everything on me and Alex instead of making Tim realize that his reactions are over the top. He was angry after only a few minutes of speaking with Alex. This isn’t a normal “I’m pissed off” kind of thing either. No this is I’m going to hurt or kill someone. I always stop Tim when he’s like this because I’m scared he’s going to hurt someone.
I really don’t know what to do anymore. I’m not sure how much more of this I can handle from Tim. Everyday, it’s something new. Yesterday, it was I’m a bitch and ask too much from him. He is depressed. That’s why he can’t do anything around the house. He hasn’t done any type of housework since May. I’ve done everything with Alex helping occasionally. Yesterday, I asked him why he doesn’t help around the house more. Yes I probably didn’t use very good tact. It would be a different story if he worked a lot but he doesn’t. He doesn’t work at all. He’s a student. An online student. He’s always home. But yet I’m the one who scrubs the kitchen floor and the bathroom down. I’m the only one who does laundry and puts it away. I’m tired. I’m tired of working and going to school full time. I’m tired of being the only one who does anything around the house.
The day before he started a fight because he wanted sex while I was sleeping. It’s my fault because I didn’t wake up when he wanted sex!?! For crying out loud! I was sleeping. Instead we fought for over three hours about everything from lack of sex to how his PTSD is not being treated to how I was raised was wrong because I was not abused as a child and I grew up with both of my parents.

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