What to write about….how hot and humid it is…nah. I’m not sure if there is an appropriate adjective to describe the tepid air, the non circulation of nothing, the stank of sweat, the stickiness of skin, the intake of air only for it to increase the heat of the room. The way everything thing feels….the dampness of the furniture to the film upon the wood. Nothing is as it should be. The drought is upon the Midwest with no desire to leave. What a bummer. I had high hopes of a fun summer outside with the boys only to be shut up inside due to the incredible humidity and heat. At times, we have said screw it, played out in the pool or with the twin’s sprinkler toys though both are only short term distractions from the permeance  of the stagnant air. I do wish for a nice long cool rain…..to water my garden and cool things down. I’m sure if that did happen it would only make the humidity even higher and harder to breathe.

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I love to read! I review books for contemporary fiction, young adult, and romance novels. I read the majority of my novels on my Kindle.

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