vacation countdown begins…….

Vacation begins in 5 days……but I still have so much to do. We haven’t begun packing yet. So I have all of that to do and on Friday…..boy that will be a busy day. Tim has a counseling session then off to court for Jeremy then come home and finish gettin everything together. I am very ready to go but not prepared. I have so much to do before leaving. I have lists to make, laundry to do then pack. Oh I also need to gather what food and supplies we will need for the week. Not to forget making sure all homework is done. Gesh! I am on the verge of being stressed about leaving for a relaxing week. I really hope this week goes well. I want to just chill for 7 days, but we’ll see. It may not even happen. I may be even more stressed by the time we get home. But at least we return on a Saturday so I have most of the day Saurday and Sunday to relax before returning for work. I do think things will go pretty well. We have a lot of ppl coming up to visit us while we are there so …who knows how relaxing it will actually be. Just being away for awhile will help.

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