The slacker is leaving the building……

I know I have been slacking as of recently but seriously…..I needed to. I have been going and going and going for so long I almost forgot how to relax. Sadly, it took some time for me to relax. Now that summer is coming to a close, I need to get reactivated. I need to return to my writing….get out of the notes stage and into the writing phase. I also need to refresh myself with my french especially since I am working with Dottie–Miss Language herself. As of tomorrow….the slacker will leave. She is going on vacation so the serious side can return to kick some academic butt. I know I should start now….but my fun slacker side is asking for one more night. I felt this is only fair since Miss serious didn’t leave when she was asked. She didn’t leave till a week later. It’s fair that I give the slacker another few hours. In the morning, she will be gone. We shall see how motivated Tim stays also. He was really on top of things this evening. He cooked dinner, and did his homework. I am hoping this new side of him stays for more than just a few hours. He made a healthy dinner and went for a run this morning though personally, I am questioning this supposed run but why question something so frivolous. It’s only hurting him but lying about exercising when he’s not. It does hurt my feeling a bit. I know he lies when he’s feeling self-conscious of himself. I know returning to school is an area he’s very uncomfortable with especially since he was not the best student in high school. He hardly ever attended school let alone actually do homework. This is something he is very unfamiliar with. These are things I try to remember when he lies. I know he doesn’t do it on purpose….when I do call him out it causes more problems than just letting it go. I bruise his ego when I do. I need to remember that guys’ ego are fragile and if the ego is not fed often enough it leads down a very dark and lonely path.
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