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Christina, my best friend since i was 14 and my sister in law is having marriage problems. I am ashamed to say…..I knew it was coming since the day they began dating. I am even more ashamed that I almost feel happy about it. Happy because I have always believed they were not right for each other. My favorite picture of her she was a gorgeous happy 16 year with very few worries. A year later, she lost her boyfriend to a tragic car accident and within a few months, she is married to Rex pregnant with Jada. I have felt that she was robbed of some of her teen years by marrying Rex. Part of me understands why she did–she was grieving for her boyfriend. In a way, it was like Rex took advantage of her grieving. After Chris found out she was pregnant, he wanted her to sever ties with Eric’s family and made her return all of Eric’s stuff to his parents. I could be bias because I didn’t like Rex from the start but he treated her good even though they were always struggling for money. There has always been one thing about him that I always hated. It still bothers me…..he treats her as if she is his possession. She is his. Nobody belongs to another person. That statement just burns me up. It makes me want to smack the shit out of him while telling him this is 2009–not 1950! No woman is a man’s possession.
But at the same time, she’s my friend–my sister. She’s hurting. I want so badly to just take all the pain away to make things better. I wish I could just fix it. She told me she was broken and can’t be fixed. I wish I could just piece everything back together for her. But I know only she can do that. She has to fix herself. She has to fix her family whether it’s with or without Rex.
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