Mother Nature is a manatical bitch

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I have been sick all day because Eve ate the stupid apple thus women for all time must pay for her stupidity. Now, every month I get so sick that I have to go to the doctor. For awhile, I had to take birth control pills just to find some sort of relief. They are no longer working. Well they might if I hadn’t ran out. I really hate PMDD. I almost feel like I’m pregnant again sometimes its worse–labor. Oh, the days where I would get nauseous from smells or the “look” of food. Oh! Wait with this damn PMDD I do. I have felt like throwing up all day. I just I’ll have to break down and go to the doctor but I hate taking pills. I always forget to take them. I hate the mood swings, headaches, acne breakouts (as if I’m still a teen), the nausea, the excruciating cramps in the abdomen and the lower back. Oh the “pleasures” of being a woman. It’s days like these where I would love to kick Eve’s ass for eating the fruit. Why couldn’t she just listen? That was the only rule. Just one simple rule. Ane she had to break it. Causing suffering for women to the end of time.
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  1. K. E. Crose says:

    I can definitely sympathize on this one.


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