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I really should be writing a literary analysis for my Irish Women’s Literature class so I will not be writing almost all of it at the last minute. But what am I doing? Goofing off online. I have done every app I have on Facebook, and now I am working on goofing off on here although this is only a semi-goofing since it is still writing though not the right kind of writing. What’s really sad is that I really don’t feel like bloggin either. I just want to zone out for a bit. Let my mind relax. Even though it really shouldn’t since I have three more things to do before this class is over on Sunday night at midnight. I need to just suck it up and finish crap off so then I can goof around. If only I would. I know how I am and with the current mood I am in……nothing is going to get accomplished tonight. At least I can say I wrote something even if it’s the paragraph I started at work and this blog. I can say I did write. I began the paper. I have a title, and the formatting is done. It’s a start. I am extremely grateful for the fact that I am pretty darn good at literary analysis. I can write them fairly well. I just have a few grammar issues that I need to work on. Thankfully, last semester Laverne Nishihara helped me with some of this. I just hope I don’t forget all of what she taught me.
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