good luck charms

When I was a kid my mom and granma told me if I saw a male cardinal/blue jay, I would have good luck all day long. As an adult, every spring and summer, I would look for these brightly colored birds. I would sit on my patio or porch watching the birds in my neighbors feeder or while walking on the trails. If by chance I did see one, my day would suddenly brighten. I would tell myself….”It’s going to be a good day……I saw a cardinal flying in the tree or on the fence ect. It must be a sign for good things to come.” Even if I had a bad day, the delusion would continue. “Well it wasn’t today that means it must be tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a good day.” It really odd how one believes in something as frivolous as a bird. I can say that it does help my mood when I’m having a fairly bad day to think that it must get better even if it is from the sight of a bird. For awhile, I thought all this good luck was due to the fact that these birds were my favorite birds. To be perfectly honest, they were my favorite because they were the only birds I knew by name. Why does this suddenly occur to me…..well why else? A cardinal flew over my car on my way to work this morning. He flew from one part of the woods to another crossing the small country road I was driving along. For the next five miles, I thought about the various times superstitious grandmother told me about cardinals. How they hold more good luck that the blue jays because blue jays are more common. Luck doesn’t happen to common things.

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