Lately, I have been surrounded by stupidity, either from coworkers, fellow classmates or my family. I even found a moment I, myself have lapsed into the stupid realm. How does one escape this realm? Well it’s quite simple really.
Step 1 realize you have entered stupid realm.

Step 2 realize and accept you, yourself have joined the elite into stupidity
Step 3 after acceptance you must find where you entered into stupiddom whether it be through falling due to not tying your shoes or tripping over an invisible step.
Step 4 move on try not to reenter the land of the stupid.
It’s quite obvious I am still stuck in this realm due to this oddity of a blog. If you are like me who has accepted the stupidity even it you thought it was just a moment but yet here you are again trapped among the stupid. Then obviously you never left…..the stupid have tricked you into thinking you did which proves that they may not be as stupid as you are. They must need a new leader. Obviously, a writer since I have been carrying on about this for quite a few sentences now without any indications of stopping anytime soon. Though I find parts of this funny, it is rather scary too. Who can write about nothing? Obviously, I can. The stupid have adopted me. I need to return to the land of smart people though at times I feel and think they are the grandest of the stupid. They are stupid with a degree. Pft, that’s just dangerous. And to think people like that are teaching our children! No wonder my kid has moments of complete and utter stupidity. He’s being feed stupidity through his textbooks, teacher’s lectures, worksheets, homework. It’s all a plot to mold more stupidity among the ranks. I believe I will attempt to leave stupiddom hopefully for awhile but we shall see.

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One thought on “stupidity

  1. Ok, so this definitely cracked me up. I can totally understand the feeling. I can also endlessly write about nothing. Sometimes it can be hysterically entertaining. Kind of like our random status conversations while sitting next to each other in the late hours of the nights. I miss those!

    I like the new page layout btw.


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