Another cardinal……another mediocre

As I was pulling into a parking spot in Middlefork, a bright red cardinal flew over Tim’s car heading towards the woods almost surrounding Middlefork parking lot. Yet again, I am wondering about this luck thing and cardinals. I have come to a conclusion…’s crap! I know, it’s like duh! But sometimes a memory is so strong along with the happy thoughts and feelings which come with it. I’m pretty sure it’s the sight of the cardinal that brings the happiness not luck or any other supersitition anyone told me about. I’m not going to completely tarnish this happiness with the cardinal. I am still going to keep it. Well, afterall it does make me happy even if in that moment I forget about the happy memory and anything else happening at that current moment. I only think about how pretty this brightly colored red bird is…..and sometimes how few of them there are (although, I’ve been told the cardinal population is increasing sometime I should look this info up to verify.) I would continue to babble about for a few more moments, I won’t instead I will end this posting so as I can write another 500 words or so on my scene.

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