A frustrating Day

The day has not been one of the peachiest. I had a very restless sleep. The entire day all i have heard is children fighting and bickering with one another. Alex had an attitude problem for a bit and Mathew was just whining. Nothing bad has happened today though nothing good has either. For some reason I have pretty frustrated with everyone and everything. If one person whines just a little…..it gets on my nerves as if they have been carrying on for hours. It could just be that I am frustrated period and it is carrying over onto the children. Maybe things will be better after they go to bed. Why do the twins like to run throughout the apartment when they know it’s against the rules? I swear they plot….”let’s figure out what else we can do to make mom mad.”
It’s only 8:30pm and…..oh the kids are soooo wired. and now Tim wants to go to the hospital just because his ear has excessive wax build up that is blocking his hearing a bit. It bothers me since I’ve had an ear infection for almost two weeks with only partial hearing and yet he goes to the hospital just for some ear wax. It’s like come on really? He goes to the hospital for all kinds of things instead of waiting until the doctor office opens to see the doctor.

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