Other people’s stupidity

I am mad, frustrated at other people. First off, I am extremely disappointed with a co-worker of mine for his lack of responsibility and leadership. Part of me just wants to yell at him and ask him what the hell was he thinking? Why didn’t he do anything about the situation and why in the hell didn’t he step up? But I can not do any of this ….why? Because of the way I found this information. Well, sorda. It’s a little complicated but part of the info was told to me while at work thus anything I hear, see, or otherwise is confidential thus one of the reasons why I can not speak to him about it although, I did have one friend call me on the cell to tell me her story of it. I’m sure this is all very confusing to readers and thus I apologize for that but part of me really wants to get this off my chest….even if its in pieces. Because of this incident, I am worried about this co-worker. I’m worried that he will get into a lot of trouble. Although, if the stories are true in whole or part—he deserves to be punished in some way or other. I have mixed feeling about that. If he is punished, I know the first thing my boss will do….take away a project I have been pushing my co-working into doing. The whole situation is very disappointing. I can’t say I’m entirely surprised by some of the incidences by certain people. I am disappointed in my co-worker. Now, I am thinking back to other things my co-worker has done…..I really shouldn’t be surprised. something similiar happened before though not as extreme. I believe what really got to me is when my boss told me he would have to consult the Dean of Students and the Vice-Chancellor about this incident and order an investigation. Even if parts of what was told to me are untrue…..it doesn’t sound good. Part of me is mad because yes he should have stepped up taken the leadership role, but he wouldn’t had to if others had been mature enough to act like adults instead of childish inbaseals. I want to scram and cry all at the same time. Orginally, I couldn’t figure out why I was so emotional about it all then I realized its because my co-worker is a friend and pretty alright guy thus I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. When someone hurts my friends, I take it very personally.

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