Review: The Boyfriend Sessions by Belinda Williams

I have to admit that I wasn’t totally in love with the main character Christa until about chapter 3. I was pretty indifferent. I didn’t hate her, but I wasn’t completely rooting for her. I continued to read because I was in a mood. I figured my aversion was of my own doing not due to the writing or characterization. I’m grateful that I continued on. I received this book through Bookbub’s edeals which I love when I’m in between ARCs.

Christa literally ran away from a proposal at the Eiffel Tower by a romantic French man. Who does that? Christa–the commitment phobic gal. What should her girlfriends do but stage a relationship intervention showing her exactly what she’s doing wrong in each and every relationship she’s had beginning with her first love to the French man. During this journey, Christa is forbidden to date, flirt, or have any type of romantic relationship with the opposite sex. She’s to focus on being single and enjoy single life. Find herself. Figure out what when wrong in her romantic life. Step 1–Thursday night boyfriend sessions where they evaluate her previous boyfriends. Step 2–return to her exercise regiment, …ok she usually quit after a few sessions which is why the gals signed her up for a Boot Camp courses in the park to ensure Christa attends, Max (Maddy’s geeky older brother) will escort her. No one warned Christa that geeky Max is now hot as sin or that he’s had a crush on Christa since the girls were teens. But Max also pushes Christa out of her comfort zone both in and outside of the boyfriend sessions.

One kiss changes everything between them. Is she willing to risk her lifelong friendship with Maddy for Max?

Would her friends ever forgive her for betraying their trust?

Can Max forgive Christa for not being honest with him or herself?

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