Review: Insatiable by Melanie Harlow

I wish I could say I received this as an ARC. I wish. I adore Melanie Harlow novels and I’m especially addicted to the Cloverleigh Farms series. The moment the book released, I bought it. Too bad that my work schedule didn’t allow me to read it until a week ago. Now, I feel like I’m playing catch up on my reading and reviewing.

Meg Sawyer came home early a bit early for her baby sister Frannie’s wedding in order to find…focus, no that’s not right…herself, yeah possibly. She usually only comes home for a day or two and goes right back to work as a political campaign strategist. Her type A personality creates problems for her personal life since she never puts the relationship before her job. Perhaps that’s why she needs to spend more time at home. Yes, the northern Michigan farm will always be home to her. She uses the extra time to evaluate various aspects of her life especially her personal life–like why men keep dumping her.

Noah McCormick has been protective of Meg since they were sixteen when he pulled her from the lake saving her life. Even though he’s fantasized about her even before that fateful day, he’s never made a move on her. She deserves better. Plus, he’s been burned too many times by women. He only does one-night stands now. Less drama that way much to his mother’s dismay. The more time he spends with his childhood friend, the more he fantasizes about her.

Until Meg walked in on a naked Noah… nothing was the same. They became insatiable for each other …friends with benefits until Meg returns to DC. Until Meg changes everything.

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