Review: Diesel by Lisa Lang Blakeney

Olivia never got over her first love–Mason. The sweet boy she met at eleven years old. The boy who turned her life upside down. Her best friend and protector. He fell in love with her the moment she picked herself up from a tackle during touch football. Every decision he’s made has been about her. Misunderstanding, fear, and insecurities tear them apart. Olivia rips Mason’s heart out right after the Championship football game. He hasn’t been the same since. Not multi-million dollar NFL contract or dating Hollywood starlets and models. There’s only one person who owns his heart.
Olivia has lied to herself for years. Even though there’s a chance of running into the one man who still owns her heart, she’s still going to take her dream job. A month later, she regrets ever doing so. Now she not only has to work for the same team as Mason, but tasked with getting him to do a PR tour that she’s in charge of that requires her to work closely with the man. One picture of him on tv, magazines, her yearbooks, sends her down memory lane.
I love how the author set this book up from their childhood to high school and college into adulthood. It allowed the reader to join the characters on their lifetime journey together to see how their love has grown slowly over time.

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