Review: Spinning Out by Lexi Ryan

Book 1 of the series does not disappoint. Ryan strings the reader along an emotional ride with Mia and Arrow. An accident that changed many lives including Mia and Arrow. They cope in vastly different ways, but both are broken and have no idea how to become whole again. Mia shuts herself off from everyone and everything that used to make her happy. She lost a lot that night. She feels her soul is one of those things. She’s a shell just trying to survive. Arrow drinks, and does drugs to forget. Nothing helps. There’s no way to forget. Now, he’s at risk for losing the last thing that he loves–football. On house arrest, he’s forced to return home to a distant father, cold step-mother, and an infant sibling. Oh, and Mia, who’s his half-sister’s nanny. The one girl he has always been in love with but could never act upon it because she belongs to his best friend.

One nightmare changed their relationship. Slowly, they both begin to heal each other–forgive. So many questions linger between them about the night of the accident. Arrow can’t remember. Mia riddled with guilt. Can the answers set them free or forever chain them to their individual guilt? Will they ever be free of the guilt to be together the way their hearts desire?

A book from my personal library collection. I have the next book in the series in my TBR list. I love Lexi Ryan’s books.

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