Review: We Own Tonight by Corinne Michaels


A different type of trope from Michaels. I’m used to the rock star falls madly in love trope or even falling madly in love with the one night stand trope which this book is a bit of both. But rock star falls madly in love with a cop with the female lead being the cop is different–a good different.

To say that Heather’s life is busy is an understatement of the year. She works long hours to keep the city safe and during her lunch break and after work; she cares for her chronically ill baby sister. Oh and she works with her ex-husband who is now her direct supervisor. During a night out with her girls, she decides to let loose and do something she’s never done before–a one night stand.

Eli Walsh, the lead vocals for boy band Four Blocks Down and actor. He rejoins his old boy band every so often for tours in between filming. Normally, he picks a girl to take to his trailer. This show is the same. Except, she runs the moment, he uses the restroom. She literally runs from him. He’s never had a woman run from him. Or yell at him. Hell, he doesn’t even know her name until she pulls him over a few days later. She’s hot as hell in uniform. She thinks he just want a fling. He wants so much more. He wants a lifetime with her. How can he do that when his life is in New York and her’s is in Tampa?

This is one of the few books I bought this summer. I have re-read it twice now. It’s sweet how Eli wants to break his cycle and have something more. The lengths he goes to to prove his love to Heather. There are numerous scenes with Heather and her sister where I was bawling.

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