Review: Melt for Him by Lauren Blakely

Book 2 of Fighting Fire Series

I struggle with the hot firefighter trope since so many of the men in my family are firefighters. It’s a bit hard to picture hot sexy firefighters when your father, grandfather, and uncles do the same job. I feel that I need to overcome that since there are so many good books within this trope. I do know a thing or two about it since I practically grew up in the firehouse. Like I would literally just hang out there even while dad was out at a fire. The dispatcher and I became good friends. I understood Megan’s fears. I have the same ones even though my father didn’t die in a fire. He did come home injured quite a few times and even had severe burns. Blakely depicted Megan’s fears and insecurities perfectly.

Megan lives a wonderlust life moving from town to town and job to job. The one thing she always comes back to–her art…ok two. Art and her family. Her brother, Travis and Megan had to care for each other after their father was killed fighting a fire. It left their mother broken for many years. That formed an unbreakable bond between the siblings. Each sibling gained something from that experience. Travis wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps to be a firefighter. Megan vowed to never fall in love with one. One kept their promise. The other broke it.

Becker left Chicago after two of his buddies died right beside him. He has carried that survivor’s baggage with him ever since. He moved to Hidden Oaks to start over. He opens a bar. He keeps going back to his true passion. Being a firefighter. He volunteers at the local fire department where he finds a new family. One night with a sexy stranger puts all that in jeopardy especially his friendship with Travis.

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