Book Review: In Other Words by Jennifer Woodhull

I’ve looked forward to reading this book since the moment I read the blurb even more so when I received the cover reveal with the adorable nerd hottie. I did a happy dance when Inkslinger PR notified me that I would receive an ARC. I don’t do that with many books. Each teaser and snippet just built up my inner bookworm. The entire time, hoping the book lives up to all the hype. Thankfully, it did–actually made my heart sing. I loved it so much that I read it in one sitting and was still thinking about the characters days later.

I love love love the trope of nerdy brainic and hot cheerleader was explored. What nerdy guy doesn’t dream about that? What Woodhull does differently is that the cheerleader has been lusting after the adorable nerd. I use the term nerd with the utmost love and respect–after all the nerds rule the world. This premise/trope is the basis for Sinclair and Dexter’s love story like all relationships theirs is riddled with challenges. The largest of which being that Dexter thinks Sinclair deserves a certain type of man. A pretty boy athletic Alpha male. Clair believes a similar logic. Of course, the duo begin dating other people and even develop feeling for said people but realize these feelings are merely superficial and cause all kinds of issues among all four people including causing a rift between Clair and Dex something that has never happened with them since their friendship began.




We became close friends in college. When Sinclair returns home to Dallas after two years in New York, I introduce her to my best friend Cole. The good-looking playboy ballplayer is the perfect kind of guy for the woman I’m sure would never be interested in me…even if seeing them together breaks my heart.


He was the nerdy PhD candidate. I was the cheerleader. We made unlikely friends. Moving back home after two years away, he looks hotter than ever. When I start dating his ballplayer best friend, things get complicated. He doesn’t see me as girlfriend material…but I can’t get him, or my feelings for him, out of my head.

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About the Author:

Jennifer Woodhull is an author of romance with lots of wit, plenty of heat, and lots of heart. She is known for writing immersive settings that take readers to a wide variety of locales around the world. Her heroines are funny, strong make bad decisions, and get in their own way sometimes before finding their path to happiness. Her heroes are driven, funny, sweet, and sometimes complicated. Jennifer lives in Tennessee with her real life book boyfriend and their yellow lab who can be more persuasive than any roguish villain when he’s after a snack. A lover of travel, Jennifer has been known to plot novels and write pages of dialogue on her phone from planes, trains, and automobiles (though not while driving, because safety first).  

Jennifer’s works include her debut Promise Series, the breakout hit The Dating Alternative, and the funny, sexy summer release, Sour. 

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