Book Review: Nothing but Trouble by Amy Andrews



What happens when a Super Bowl quarterback retires? He writes a memoir. Unfortunately, he’s struggling–complete writer’s block. He has a solution–head back to his hometown for some inspiration. He forces his long time PA to join him since he can’t function without her efficiency and unending supply of Nerds. Between his mother, his PA, and the antics within his hometown Wade not only finds his inspiration but the love of his life. Unfortunately, she’s furious at him to the point she leaves.

CC is done. Finished. Fin-ito. She’s through with Wade’s needy demanding, controlling–did she say needy? man who always sucks up every moment of her time. Why, oh why do all of his hook-ups think they are going to change him or convert him from his player ways even though she’s heard him tell theses women how the night will go–and the morning after.  No, she’s the one left with the crying women or having to dump them the next morning. He doesn’t pay her enough for this. He pays her a lot, but …yeah not enough money for this crap. How is it that always seems to call when she’s about to have sex–on that rare occasion she can go on a date? She’s can’t even remember the last time she had sex–at least a year ago if not more. Only six months left of her contract. Bye-bye Wade, hello sunny beaches and her dream beach home. The more CC sees Wade in those cowboy jeans and Stetson hat the more feelings she’s developing for her boss. How didn’t she know about this side of him? The soft cowboy who caters to his momma, helps his dad and brother. The guy who doesn’t care about how much dirt is on his jeans. The more she sees this side of him the more she wants him.



For five years, PA Cecilia Morgan’s entire existence has revolved around playing “left tackle” to former NFL quarterback Wade Carter. She’s so good at her job, the man can’t even buy his own condoms! Well, today she’s giving the Worst-Boss-Ever her notice.


To say CC’s announcement was a bombshell is an insult to bombs. And horribly timed, with his publisher breathing down his neck. Not too many things defy Wade Carter. Well…except his mother. His PA. And the blinking cursor of doom.


Time to call an audible.


CC is gobsmacked. Three months in his small hometown—somewhere devoid of “female distractions,” he says—while he finishes his book, and he’ll cut her loose?! And he thinks a cowboy hat and dimpled smile and she’ll just say yes? Penalty flag.


Wade can’t believe CC and the council arranged busloads of single women to visit their dying town. She never gives up. But three Super Bowl rings prove he’s no quitter, either.


But then their fighting starts to feel a whole lot like foreplay. What’s a quarterback to do when he realizes he might be falling for his left tackle?


Time to throw a Hail Mary.

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About Amy Andrews

Amy is an Aussie author of hot contemporary romance who believes in multiple orgasms, mighty wangs and happily ever afters. She’s been penning them for over twenty years and has 70+ books to her name.

As well as unforgettable characters and great sex you’ll also be treated to some laughs and a dollop of quirk because Amy doesn’t seem to know how to write a book without a bit of both. You might also cry a little because there’s nothing she loves more than a laughy-criey book!

She also loves sunsets and rainbows, unicorns and mermaids, booze and travel. And her home that overlooks the ocean. She may also happen to believe she was a Roman goddess in her past life because its the only thing that explains her adoration for all things Italy.


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Connect with Amy



Twitter: @amyandrewsbooks




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