Review: Whiskey Kisses by Addison Moore

18622273  Book 4 of 3 AM Series


I have been addicted to this series! I read it in between scheduled ARCs. I am a bit sad that this small circle of friends love stories are over–in a way. I’m excited to read about their siblings and others who attend Whitney Briggs. I’m curious about Jemma and a few other characters who were introduced in this book. I’m sure that will be or has been addressed since this series has been out for a bit. I believe this book was published in 2014. I’m a bit slow at finding this little gem. I’m glad I did.

Book 1 3 AM Kisses

Book 2 Sugar Kisses

Book 3 Winter Kisses

Izzy Sawyer was the popular it girl in high school. Somethings are not as they appear. She works at her mother’s dance studio–runs it now that her mother is semi-retired. All Izzy wanted was to protect her sister, Laney from the men her mother brings into their lives. She also promised her father that her mother would not be alone which is why at 27, she still lives with her mother.

Now that Laney is planning her wedding, she wants to help her sister enter the dating pool. She sets her up on blind dates after blind dates. The safety net is all of them are at the Black Bear where Holt Edwards works.

Holt has crushed on Izzy since he was 13 when he would drop his sister off for dance lessons. He doesn’t believe happily ever after is meant for him after what he did to his parents’ marriage and the blame he places on himself for his role in it. But Izzy has him re-thinking every negative thought he had about relationships. If he could only get her to open up about what she’s hiding from everyone including her sister.

To make matters worse, his father wants to sell the one thing he has devoted his life to.

Can Izzy overcome and share her secret with Holt?

Can she get her family’s issues together?

Can Holt have his own dream job?


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