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I was completely unprepared for this book since I’ve been reading light-hearted, sweet romance novels for the past few weeks. This books is dark and twisty. Murder, suspense, sex, drugs, mob-like family connections.

Brandon and his father left the Indian reservation. He father refused to tell him why they left nor why they have zero contact with the rest of his family–namely Brandon’s uncle, Josiah. Brandon fell in love with the wrong girl–Dixie Burrell. The only person to give him a chance as a new kid in the community. She showed compassion when the other boys at school bullied him for being Native American.

Dixie has a few secrets of her own. Her family struggles to keep their family farm afloat. Her father and brothers are also keeping things from her including their reasons for mistreating Brandon. None of these secrets come out until it’s too late. Her brothers are murdered. Her mother has a heart attack. Her father is vengeful.

One wrong choice. Burning and fire has always entranced Brandon. It’s a fascination. That fascination burns him and forces him to run from his home and his father. The last person who loves him. He turns to the only other person he can, Josiah. A man his father yelled at and told Brandon to stay away from along with the Burrells. Brandon doesn’t find out until decades later why. When Dixie’s bomb almost kills him….he begins to unravel the truth behind his childhood…and those he loves.

Instead of turning Dixie over to his uncle, he protects her.

Dixie is forced to trust the one person she wants to kill.  Murder is not something she has ever done. She will make an exception for Brandon. He did things to her family that are unforgivable. Will learning the truth change her mind?


in love


She was supposed to be my forever.

Instead, I became her worst enemy.

I fell for the one girl I could never have…

And it destroyed us both.

I did a bad, bad thing.

But she isn’t exactly innocent either.

When I’m faced with the ultimate choice – Let her die or save her – I grab her and run.

She calls me a monster. The devil himself.

No one will take her from me.

She’s mine to punish.

Mine to keep… forever.


Handsome stylish man in blue suit


I stare up at the blood-painted ceiling of the shop. This Stop & Shop I used to call my home. Its wooden floors are stained with soot as the wallpaper and everything in between burns to a crisp.

What went down here, in this town, never should have happened.

Immense pain.

Unrelenting suffering.

Death might have been quick, but the mark it left on this place … on me … is permanent.

And it’s all because of me.

My actions. Every misstep. Every obsession and every desire.

It all led to this moment.

None of it should have ever happened. Not me, not my fiery rage. None of it … But especially not her.

Dixie Burrell. The one girl I always wanted but could never have. Not truly. Not fully. Never completely mine, even though I tried so fucking hard.

Damn … I even killed for her.

And it fucking ruined us both.

I should’ve never set my eyes on her. Should’ve never let her get close and witness the real me. The dark monster hiding within.

She should’ve never stepped foot in this shop all those years ago. Should’ve never opened her mouth in front of me and spoken a single word with that sweet, sinful voice of hers.

Because with her sassy stubbornness, that gorgeous body, and fascinating mind she left her mark on my heart and tainted my very essence … Blackened my soul until there was nothing left but fire and ash.

And now she’ll be my undoing.

I sit down on a chair and witness the onslaught around me, the beautiful chaos of the smoke filling the air and the flames licking the windows. I don’t intend to move. Not one inch.

I’ve set my memories on fire.

And with them I’ll burn too.


Author Bio:

Clarissa Wild is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of Dark Romance and Contemporary Romance novels. She is an avid reader and writer of swoony stories about dangerous men and feisty women. Her other loves include her hilarious husband, her two crazy but cute dogs, and her ninja cat that sometimes thinks he’s a dog too. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, playing video games, reading tons of books, and cooking her favorite meals.

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