Book Review: The Birthday Suit by Lauren Blakely

39807394 I have to admit that I have a thing about names especially character names. Certain names just …seem dumb or odd. If I come across those names, I usually pass the book up no matter how great the book is. I know, I’ve probably missed out on some pretty incredible book due to my name prejudices–I accept that. I almost put this book down due to Lulu. It’s an odd name and I didn’t think it really fit the character–at first. Lulu reminds me of an adorable sprite of a little girl–a bit quirky and outside of the box type of thinker. Once I realized that’s who she is to a T. The name is perfect for this character although Lulu was a bit difficult to process during the sex scenes since my brain conjures up an adorable five year old missing her front teeth eating a lollipop.

This Lulu has endured a lot of crap. She’s starting over after a failed marriage where she had to struggle with her husband over his demons. She tried to help him combat them but only he can do that. She had to leave him as much as she didn’t want to.  After all this time, a part of her still loves him–the man she fell in love with , not the demon she fought with. If it wasn’t for Tripp’s best friend,  Leo Hennessy life would have been much more difficult for her. Leo has always been an incredible friend to both her and Tripp.

A chance meeting years later with Leo has brought him back into her world along with her chocolates.

Leo has been in love with Lulu since the moment he met her at a cooking class with his best friend Tripp. Tripp made a move first which at times made his life miserable. He always bought her riddle books that is one thing they share–a love of riddles. After all these years, Lulu is just as gorgeous as ever. Too bad she’s Tripp’s girl. Or was. Bro code states no chasing your best friend’s girl or former girl. Leo struggles with what he should do about his continuing affection with Lulu. No way can he stay away from this gorgeous beauty even if she is working for his company as a promotional tour chocolatier. He even discusses his affection to Lulu with his boss, she gives him the green light to date her. Something or someone is holding him back. Can he overcome this to be with the girl of his dreams?

Will Lulu still want him after she finds out his secret crush?

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