Book Review: No One But You by Alexandra Silva

40015728 Book 1 of Imperfect Hearts Series

This is a terrific book!! I received book 2 and three as an ARC for review. Once I read book two, I had to buy this book.

Book 2–For You

Book 3–Someone Like You

Reviews for each of these books will be coming in the next week or so since I’m just starting on Book 3. The publication dates indicate this is the order of the series. I recommend reading For You before reading No One But You or Someone Like You. For You is the prequel to Someone Like You–it also gives some background about Jamie and Quincy’s relationship even though For You focuses on Dorian’s background. Dorian is Quincy’s best friend and Jamie’s little sister–one of his younger twin sisters that’s why there’s a bit about her and Jamie.

I want to begin with how beautiful this cover is!! It is perfect. The model’s eyes are incredible gorgeous against the stark white contrast. The way she leans into him, and how his chin is tucked into her hair…it’s intimate but not sexual. It shows a closeness between the two characters that’s exactly how Quincy and Jamie are and always have been since Quincy was born. They know everything about each other yet they spin around their affections and move towards other people.

Jamie leaves for UCLA for a year abroad, leaving Quincy in this weird limbo especially after a passionate all-encompassing kiss that showed her exactly how he feels about her. He still left. He left her heartbroken more so after he returns with a girlfriend who turns into his fiance and then wife. He remained close to Quincy especially since she is his twin sisters’ best friend–and his best friend. He has Jake and Richard. But since Richard started dating Quincy, things haven’t been the same between him, Phillip, and Richard. Nothing will ever be the same with their circle of friends.

Quincy has endured a lot of tragedy. Her brother’s death. Her son. Her husband being a cheater. Divorce. She has Pippa, her daughter. That’s all that matters. Yes, it’s odd that both her and Jamie are single at the same time. That hasn’t happened since before he left for the states. They have always had this weird connection even her mother and his mother (who are best friends) explain their connection began when Jamie held Quincy. She was four days old and he was four years old. He has been protecting her ever since with Phillip’s help. Now, Jamie doesn’t have Phillip to help him take care of her. He was there when her husband should have. Jamie was there for every life event in Quincy’s life–the highs and lows.

Nothing about their relationship has ever been easy–for one:  Pippa and Jamie’s daughter, Molly are best friends and Jamie’s ex-wife is engaged to her ex-husband. Richard, Jamie, and Quincy all work at the same hospital. Though they’ve had this deep connection can they actually create a life together? Can Quincy overcome all of her demons from her son’s stillbirth?



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