Book Review: Bring Down the Stars by Emma Scott

cover153502-medium  Book 1 of Beautiful Hearts Duet. 

This is a college love triangle of sorts– Autumn, Connor, and Weston. This isn’t a menage-trois. It is a story about three people trying to find their identity and in the process fall in love.

Connor is the typical rich boy but without the snobbery. The son of a Senator and tech mogul with every possible privilege money can buy. He’s friendly and outgoing too. His best friend, Weston is the complete opposite in every way. Weston is a Southie, who won a scholarship to attend the prestigious prep school where he met Connor. The two have been best friends ever since. The two would do anything for the other. Even sign up for the Reserves together. Something that pulls them apart.

Autumn is instantly attracted to Connor, who wouldn’t be attracted to the sexy, gorgeous baseball player that has a warm friendly smile for everyone? But Autumn needs more than physical attraction. She needs poetry and romance. She falls in love with his words.

Connor knows he’s not enough for Autumn. He needs help from his best friend in order to keep her. He knows that he probably won’t be able to but he’s going to do everything possible to try.  Weston helps his best friend even though he’s secretly in love with her. It pains him every time he sees them together. Autumn loves Connor but she feels an attraction to the introverted asshole, Weston.



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