Book Review: Crazy Cupid Love by Amanda Heger

cover147613-medium A cute book about Descendants more specifically Descendants of Eros. Eliza Herman comes from a family of Cupids. She is the absolute worst cupid in the world. She accidentally enchants people all the time from the greeting card aisle to playground classmates at a young age to her parents throughout her childhood. When the family business Herman and Herman, a matchmaking company is in dire straights Eliza steps up to help out. A new law states that she needs to have her license to practice love enchantments to even answer the phone. That’s what she does with the help of her childhood crush/best friend Jake Sanders.

Like everything else in life, nothing is easy for Eliza. She is beginning to believe that true love is in fact real–because she feels it for Jake. But a conspiracy theory is brewing that might just be accurate. Eliza must prove it. In order to prove it, she also has to prove that her enchantments worked. After all, she is one of the most powerful and a special type of cupid.  To prove it, she risks her relationship with Jake including his trust as well as both their lives.



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