Book Review: Suddenly Mine by Samantha Chase


Book 9 of the Montgomery Brothers Series

I have read all of the previous Montgomery Brothers novels, Christian was mentioned in his cousin’s book. I wondered then if there was a third brother with Robert and William. I mean, there had to be right if Christian took over and was cousins to the other Montgomery boys. I was excited to read Christian’s story and have a brief glimpse back into the previous boys with snippets of updates.

Christian is a workaholic much like his father and the oldest of three children. His father always pushed him to do more and be better without ever telling him “good job” or “I’m proud of you.” In his mid-thirties, he has hit a wall with his career. He doesn’t feel the rush. He’s a robot. He keeps going until…a health scare changes everything.

Sophia Bennington is running away from her small town Kansas life after learning that her family and the entire town has lied to her about her parents. She feels that everyone is watching her and talking about her. She goes somewhere that is the complete opposite–California. She learns to surf, relaxes on the beach–everything that a small town girl from Kansas has never done before. She needs a job too. She doesn’t want the same job she had before. The small doctor’s office wasn’t stressful like it would be if she worked in a hospital. She wants certain freedoms in her job than neither of those workplaces give her. She meets these two little old ladies who tell her about corporate nursing or wellness centers in the workplace. That’s what she’s focusing on except the day of her interview her car breaks down missing the thing entirely. The person interviewing her is there for one day only. If she doesn’t land this job, she might have to pack it up for Kansas.

Christian has been watching the red head surfing every morning from his back deck while sipping his morning coffee. The day she finds trouble from the surfing bully, Christian is there. Sorda. He knows that there is something special about her. If only he had the nerve to ask her out. Fate steps in and brings them together when Christian’s health issues arise while Sofia is in his office suite.

But can Sofia help Christian overcome his health issues and win him over or will mental barriers prevent them from being together?




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