Book Review: He Loves You Not by Tara Brown

cover142675-medium Book 2 of The Serendipity Series

Book 1: Fling Club


Lacey has always been the outsider looking in. Being Marcia LaCroix’s best friend and attending a private high school gave a glimpse of being an insider. To Marcia, Lacey is her sister–her soulmate. The two are complete opposites in everything. Marcia loves to shop and is completely self-absorbed. Lacey works hard and gives to others. Lacey is also being mentored by Marcia’s father to take over his company. She has been working for him every summer as an intern since they started college. Mr. LaCroix thinks of Lacey as another daughter. He’s upset with her when he finds out that Lucy’s brother has cancer. Lacey doesn’t tell him. It’s the running joke that Lacey is his favorite.

Marcia is constantly dragging Lacey to socialite parties. Lacey is always hanging on the edge since everyone knows that she doesn’t have money. At one of these parties, Lacey meets a gorgeous man. She knows him from somewhere–probably another one these stupid parties that Marcia drags to her to. It bugs her that she knows him but can’t place him. He comes from money–how he carries himself, dresses, etc. tells her that. The way he speaks–speaks to her soul. Before she knows it, she’s cornered in the bathroom about to kiss him. Ok, she was willing to do a lot more than that. Marcia saves her.

Jordan Somersby is the youngest of the Somersby brothers. His family is one of the most affluent families in America. His father wants him to date a spoiled socialite in order to close a deal with her father. Dating her will ruin his chances with his dream girl from the boat. Now, if he can find his dream girl. He’s not like his brother. He doesn’t love crunching numbers and closing deals. He doesn’t know what he wants to do. Instead of following his heart and discovering himself, he blindly follows the family tradition to work in the family company with his father, brother, and beloved grandfather.

Once Jordan finally discovers that Lacey is his dream girl, everyone knows that he’s dating Amy. How can he get out of dating Amy without blowing the deal between Amy’s family and his?

Lacey starts a new business on the side in order to pay for her last year of college tuition since her parents have to use her tuition money to pay for her brother’s medical bills. Her new business test whether or not men are faithful. The first test is to two of her best friends’ boyfriends. When she tests DJ Spark aka Miguel she gets drugged and Jordan takes care of her. Testing these guys is dangerous, she gets a bit of that after her brush with Miguel, but not until she is beaten by a cheating bartender does she realize how dangerous testing these men really are. The only reason why she isn’t raped or beaten further is because Jordan is following her after she refuses to see him since he’s still involved with Amy.

Jordan has a brilliant idea of how to get out of this arrangement with Amy. Have the Test Dummy test him–fail. He poses as Amy online to request the test and pays for the whole arrangement.

Lacey knows that she can’t test Jordan. She has Hennie do it. Lacey’s heart breaks when Jordan fails. She’s hoping that he can stay true even if it is to Amy who is a complete pill and doesn’t give a crap about Jordan.

How can the two of them find a way to be together when so many obstacles are in their way?

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