Book Review: Book Boyfriend by Dawn Chiletz


I want to begin with I had complete hesitation based on the title. The blurb won me over as well as the actual reading of the novel. I mean, book boyfriend. We all talk about it book boyfriends like they are real. But the large majority of the time–the fantasy is we get. But I do agree there are a select few guys out there that are beyond anything that can be written about.

I always hesitate when writers write about being a writer. Some can’t pull it off. I do love it when they can especially when speaking about their muses--#1 Muse by Gephart that I have previously written about is a perfect example.

I love the quote:

“Book boyfriends are fun, but real men are even better”

Greer Hanson has been in a writing slump which is a problem for her since she is a romance writer. It would help if her dating life wasn’t non-existent. She hasn’t dated since…well since before she was married to her now ex-husband. An ex who now lives in her former home and took half her money. How can she write about romance? Her imagination can only get her so far?


Her best friend and publisher, Luna recommends for Greer to take an inspirational vacation to the Florida Keys where a gorgeous hunk of a man literally falls for her. Ok, he falls on her –on the beach, but still. She throws a bit of caution to the wind. She spends the evening with this hunk of a man. They go for an evening beach walk, have tacos at the food truck, oh and satisfy each other in the ocean. After this perfect night, Greer gives Fisher a fake number.

BB in bed teaser KU

Patrick Fisher is not used to chasing women. He hasn’t felt a pull to a women for ages. He has an instant connect to Greer from the moment he laid eyes on her after falling on her. He was disappointed when he found out that the number she gave him was a pizza joint. He couldn’t let her go. She filled every thought. He knows that she’s the one. Thanks to his best friend Chloe, he knows exactly who she is–maybe even find a way back to her.

Fisher decides to re-create aspects of Greer’s novel by sending her the first meal they shared, serenading her with a string quartet to Fall Out Boy, and sending her a dress–inviting her to dinner. How was he to know that all of that screamed stalker? It doesn’t help that she has severe trust issues thanks to her ex cheating on her. They start hanging out and getting to know each other. Fischer still tries to re-create as much as he can from her novel that he inspired. Knowing the first three chapters were completely true just fueled his ego. He knew that he had to live up to the fantasy.

BB Need Teaser (1)

Too bad that Greer doesn’t want the fantasy, she only wants him. He knows he’s in trouble when she calls him Patrick instead of Fischer. He has one secret that he kept from her. Will that keep them apart?




Author Bio:

Dawn L. Chiletz resides in Illinois with her two amazing boys and three loving dogs. When she’s not binge writing or reading, you’ll most likely find her somewhere on social media making a sarcastic comment or watching animal reunion stories while she cries like a baby.

To find out more information, including her upcoming signings, please visit her website.


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