Book Review: Taste Me by Cali Caliente

perf5.000x8.000.indd If you are looking for a good erotic book–this is it. There’s more sex than plotline. I wanted to smack the characters for literally NOT talking to each other. Instead they talk around each other which further pushes the confusion. Really, the book could’ve been about five chapters shorter–or the author could’ve add more to the end about the characters.

Identical twin brothers, Bryce and Brent used to pull antics all the time from swapping places to betting and challenging each other. Brent is getting bored in the small town while Bryce loves their partnership with the fruit market and farm. Out of boredom, Brent challenges Bryce to make a woman fall in love within two weeks. Little did the twins know that they were chasing the same woman. It didn’t help that Brent introduced himself as Bryce. How was Aurora Daring to know that she was dating two men not one? She wondered why Bryce appeared to have two different personalities. He would kiss differently and carry himself differently. One gave her multiple orgasms while at other times, she felt like she was kissing her brother. One time, Bryce would be dressed up in slacks and driving a sports car–making numerous sexual advances. Another he’s wearing jeans and gives her the best sex she’s ever had–he exudes sex appeal. She was beginning to think he had a split personality. She couldn’t handle the hot and cold attitude he was sending her.

Even after the twins are exposed as…well twins. That they were after the same woman. Bryce was trying to force Brent to stay with Aurora when Bryce was in love with her. I kept wondering why Brent didn’t speak up sooner to…well anyone! Brent is a very flat character, he has zero substance and very little redeeming qualities.



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