Book Review: Chasing my Forever by Heidi McLaughlin

Chasing My Forever Teaser 3  Book 3 of Beaumont–Next Generation Series


Right way, I knew this was part of a series. I didn’t like the fact that I felt lost during most of the first chapter. Eventually, I was able to connect the dots on who’s who with this very large circle of friends, family, and band. Now that I know that this is part of very large 12 book series–The Beaumont Series and book three of the spin off The Next Generation. I want to read every book before it so that I can get to know these characters even more. Most of the time, I do not like dropping in the middle or even the end of a series. I will turn down the ARC just so that I don’t spend the entire first chapter playing connect the dots or trying to figure out what happened in previous novels. But I’m glad that I took a chance with this one.

I love love love Quinn James and his introverted ways. Part of it could be due to the fact that y son is extremely introverted. I could see many of the same traits in both Quinn and my son. Once Quinn picks up a guitar, he transforms. He comes alive. Music runs through him. He doesn’t have a single memory without music or band life. He grew up on a tour bus, recording studio, or where ever his drummer father was. Quinn loves his quiet life. He plays on open mic nights where he meets Eleanora Boone fresh from college.

Eleanora is from a rich southern family, deeply rooted in traditions. One tradition is unofficial arranged marriages. She was dating Roy all through high school. She thought she was in love with him. But shortly after she left, Roy was dating other women. Sure, in high school there were rumors that Roy was cheating on her with other women. She never had proof. She was in love with him so she believed everything he said. He has been pressuring her to come home so they can announce their engagement. Even though he hasn’t asked her. Even her parents are talking about the engagement. This is one of the many reasons why she picked a college far away from South Carolina. Now, she’s a college graduate. She’s expected to come home and marry Roy. Just the thought sends waves of panic through her. When the opportunity arises to drive her graduation present home instead of flying, she takes it. Instead of driving home, she drives to California and shares an apartment with her college friend, Kellie.

Chasing My Forever Teaser 4

Once she gets to California, she wants to reinvent herself into Nora, a waitress for Bean Soup. This is where she meets Quinn–the man she thought was her college best friend’s brother. But nothing is as it appears with Sofia. Nora wants to keep a close relationship with her college bestie but Sofia ruins Nora’s relationship with Quinn. Nora is struggling to keep her parents at bay along with Roy. She knows she’s on borrowed time in Cali. But she falls for the introverted guitarist. She falls hard–she never felt this way about Roy or anyone else. Nora gets help from her older brother, Rhett who lets her stay until July. She needs her brother sooner since Sofia has ruined Nora’s life. After Sofia lies to Quinn about Nora’s role and reasoning for being in California, Sofia also brings Quinn’s worst nightmare to reality.

Nora runs back home with Rhett. Back to the life that she was running from. Can she run from Roy and his proposal? Can she make her parents understand that she no longer wants to marry Roy but loves someone else? Will she be able to make Quinn understand her reasoning for lying to him? Is she pregnant?

Will Quinn let Nora explain herself?




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