Book Review: Listen Pitch by Lani Lynn Vale

 Book 3 of No Crying in Baseball Series

Listen Pitch (1)

Rhys Rivera has been through a lot. His father was killed. His sister was attacked. Oh, and his “uncle” wants to kill him. Just another day in the life of the son of a crime boss. Rhys gets tired of it and runs away. By the time his “uncle” finds him, Rhys is a sought after baseball star. There’s no way his “uncle” will continue to attempt to kill him.

Before Rhys knows it, eight years have past. He is the star short stop for the Longview Lumberjacks, one of the highest paid players on the team. He doesn’t live in an elaborate or elite part of town. Instead, he donates large portions –all but a few million dollars of his salary to charities. He lives in a middle class neighborhood in a duplex. Everything appears to be fine until his gets into a motorcycle accident that lands him in ICU for months–four months to be exact. Each day during those four months, his neighbor sat and spoke to him while he was in a medically induced coma.

Henley isn’t a fan of her neighbor. She recently moved in with her sister to help take care of her niece. The idiot next door is having a party and blaring music. She is furious and scared that the music will wake up her sick niece who hasn’t been sleeping. In the process, some jerk knocks off her implant and steps on it. That’s how she meets the neighbor. He tries to help her after his bodyguard broke her implant. An implant that helps her hear just like his sister has. Rhys knows how expensive those are.


Henley hates her job at the local post office, her boss is handsy, she works long hours, and everything about it sucks. But she has no idea what she would like to do. She wanted to be a nurse or a doctor–she loves helping people. One small problem, she passes out at the sight of blood. But she still volunteers three times a week at the hospital her sister works at. She rocks babies in NICU and talks to coma patients in ICU. She was shocked when her neighbor is the man in ICU. No wonder she hasn’t seen him for the last few days. Sadly, she’s been watching for him. She tells herself it’s to tell him thank you for a new implant.

Rhys has a deal for Henley. He doesn’t want to be cooped up in a hospital. He wants to recover at home. He can’t do that alone. He wants Henley to help him heal. He pays her to take care of him and help him. She is able to quit her job. No more creeper boss. Until Henley starts to fall for Rhys. She knows she shouldn’t, but he’s sweet and kind.

Rhys knows he shouldn’t pull Henley into his drama filled life. He can’t help his attraction to her. He never wants her to leave–not even to go next door at the end of the night. He wants her in his bed. He wants to wake up to her. He worries that he won’t be enough–he doesn’t do love. His father did that and his mother made him a love sick fool. He will not be repeating those mistakes. Can he protect Henley from his “uncle?”



Listen Pitch (There’s No Crying in Baseball) by Lani Lynn Vale is #LIVE!!






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