Book Review: Sebastian by Giulia Logomarsino

51tsxnaof2bl Book 5 of For the Love of a Good Woman Series

Sebastian Reed is the owner of Reed Securities. His current assignment takes back to the field and away from his desk. Sebastian has been working 12-16 hours a day at his office to run his security business, but he rarely leaves his desk. He thinks that due to having limited eye sight in his left eye, he shouldn’t be in the field. Sebastian has no choice. All of his employees are already on assignment. Sebastian needs to take the meeting at a Pittsburgh newspaper for protection detail of a reporter–Maggie.

Maggie is a headstrong, stubborn strawberry redhead that has a knack for finding trouble. She is an incredible reporter. Her current story is investigating the corrupt mayor. Before she could find enough evidence, she was shot at and her home was ransacked. Her editor hires Reed Securities to keep her safe…or so she thinks. The more Maggie digs into the mayor the more she finds out about those within the mayor’s circle and those the mayor is blackmailing. The more danger she gets in. She is shot at multiple times. Sebastian saves her life and helps her find the money trail. But while in the safe house, sparks fly between the two.

How can Sebastian keep her safe when all he wants to do is tear her clothes off? How can she be with Sebastian when his business is in a small town an hour away from Pittsburgh?

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