BOOK REVIEW: Caution on Ice by S.R. Grey

518tutywnml This is book four in Boys of Winter Series.


Dylan Culderway is the top defenseman of the Las Vegas Wolves. He doesn’t have time to party or womanizing like some of his teammates. Instead he devotes all of his free time to charity events and trying to right a wrong from his past. His stepfather killed his mother during a domestic violence dispute. Thats a polite way of stating that his bastard step father beat his mother to death. Dylan couldn’t save her. He was just a kid.

Chloe Tettersaw is new to town. Her brother runs a gym and is attempting to return to the NFL as a quarterback. He also knows many members of the Wolves hockey team. Chloe doesn’t care about any of that. She came to Vegas to be closer to her brother and get away from her violent and abusive ex-husband. A few weeks after coming to Vegas things get weird. Things are moved in her house. She’s getting phone calls. Her brother wants to stay with her. Instead, Dylan does. Granted, they  have only known each other a few weeks but from the moment she met him in her brother’s gym–there was something special about him. She felt safe. How can you not…he’s enormously ripped. There’s something in his eyes. A kindness. The more time they spend together, the more she is falling in love with him.

How can she expose him to her crazy stalker?

How can he keep her safe with the hockey season beginning?

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