Chance Encounters Scarlett Hopper Book Review

Book 2 of the Encounters Series–

I will definitely buy the first book in this series and the remainder of the Encounters Series. 

Winona Clark has been traveling the world for the past four years with James a fellow traveler. She hasn’t heard from her best friend since she was 16–Eleanor called Winona back home. Eleanor left Winona heartbroken, but she was able to put herself back together with the help of her first love Nick. Nick like Eleanor left Winona, but Nick shattered Winona’s heart. Everywhere she went reminded her of Nick and their love, thus she left for a country wide road trip where she met James. The two of them traveled around the world together for four years. Winona’s love of photography continued even after she came back for Eleanor and her cousin Vivian. A few days after Winona returns Eleanor and Vivian invite Winona and James to a party at Eleanor and Vivian’s boyfriends’ house (the boyfriends have five roommates). 

Nick Wilder has been taking care of his little brother Max and his father since his mother passed away shortly after Nick turned 18. Nick’s father talked Nick into spending a year with his aunt before going to college. Nick wouldn’t never imagined that he would find the love of his life there or that he would have to leave her in order to take care of his little brother due to his father’s heavy drinking. Nick’s father didn’t drink before his mother’s death. His father is beside himself with grief and depression after his beloved wife dies. Nick certainly never imagined that the one woman who has haunted him and still holds his heart would be standing in his living room with his roommates’ girlfriends. Or that she would slap him. 

Winona hates that Nick is in the circle of friends with Eleanor and Viv. If she wants to spend time with her oldest and closest friends she has to figure out a way to tolerate the man she loathes, loves, hates–ugh..she is so confused about what she feels for Nick. The more time goes by…the more she remembers and sees her Nick under his tough exterior. The more she is falling for him …again. But she holds a secret that may obliterate the new relationship they are building together. She is scared to tell him even after he reveals that someone she loves has hidden truths from her about their previous relationship. 

Can the two of them rebuild their love or will their secrets and past further destroy them?

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