End Game Review Emily Goodwin

Quinn Dawson has been crushing on her brother Dean’s best friend and college roommate since her family first met Archer on Purdue’s move in day. Grant it, she was only 14 and he was 18. But her crush only intesified over the years due to Archer coming home with Dean during school breaks and after they graduated. Quinn runs into Archer at her company party. She finally realizes that he has feelings for her too. 

Archer has been hiding his feelings for Quinn for years. He felt ashamed that he was attracted to a 14 year old, although she wasn’t dressed like one in that little black dress. But she’s no longer 14 and he’s far from being 18. Quinn is still Dean’s baby sister–there must be some kind of bro-code against that. He did stop himself from kissing her at Christmas but now, he can’t help himself. 

Quinn has been feeling exhausted and tired for days now. And the pressures of this new project doesn’t help any either. Why can’t she keep any food down. Oh, yeah because she got knocked-up by her childhood crush. Archer wants them to be together even though he didn’t call her back after their night together. It hurt when he didn’t call or text. It’s not like they could really start something since he lives in Indy and she’s in Chicago. But a girl can hope right? Quinn doesn’t want Archer to be with her just because it’s “the right thing to do.” Her older brother Wes did that and look how that turned out–a single dad. 

How can Archer get Quinn to realize how deeply he feels for her? He has been in love with her for years. But Archer was offered a trauma surgeon fellowship–in Boston! Will he pick his dream job or his dream girl?

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