One More Moment Samantha Chase

Band on The Run Book 3 of Shaughnessy Brothers Series

I want to begin this posting with how much I love, love, love this author! I have read and own all of the Montgomery Brothers Series and almost all of the Shaughnessy Brothers Series. I have the rest of the Band on the Run series in my Amazon wish list including this book. I couldn’t pass it up when this novel came across my email as an ARC. Of course, Chase does not disappoint! Even though, I have not read the first two books in Band on the Run series, I was still able to follow and relish this book. If you haven’t read Riley’s story –Book 4 of Shaughnessy Brothers, then you may struggle a bit not too much. Chase does build up each novel from the previous. Although, not too much that if you miss a novel or beginning to read in the middle of the series, you as a reader are not lost. Chase does give a brief recap of what’s been happening to each of the characters from both series. If you are just starting on either series, you will be able to completely follow the characters and storyline. 

I believe this is the last novel in both series–unless Mick gets his own novel. That might be interesting! 

Julian Grayson is the drummer of Shaughnessy–a premier rock band that was named after their lead singer, Riley Shaughnessy. The band has taken a five year hiatus and now all the member but one is ready to get back into the studio. Julian is scared and feels like a fool. He has spent the last five years with a woman who has constantly lied and cheated on him. He feels ashamed to show his face. He wants to hide from the media, studio, and everything associated with music. After leaving his toxic bride-to-be at the alter after showing a video of her cheating on him at his wedding, Julian takes a three month road trip on his motorcycle to clear his head. He thinks it helped–but did it? He is still angry and miserable. He moves out of the house he bought for Dena and into his manager’s rental on the beach. 

Charlotte Clarke is a vocational rehabilitation social worker who also volunteers at a local homeless shelter. Her passion is helping people find work and get back on their feet. She is surrounded by poverty everyday, but she still travels to Malibu every morning for her beach fix and coffee. It centers her.  She always puts her heart and soul into helping as many people as possible. Even when enjoying her morning ritual. 

Charlotte helps the man in front her get his morning coffee and breakfast. He looks homeless and down on his luck. But what she doesn’t realize is that Julian doesn’t need help with finding a job. He needs help finding himself. She invites him to the shelter for the job hunting session. Julian feels like he accomplished something that day, helping unload the truck and clean the building. He returns everyday for a week before Hank, the shelter director realizes who he is. Julian is forced to reveal his true identity to Charlotte. He wants to spend more time with her but he isn’t sure she will accept him due to his celebrity status or the size of his bank account. But there are other issues in their way as well–namely Julian himself. Julian doesn’t talk about his feelings nor does he communicate. Instead, he buys Charlotte gifts–gifts she neither wants nor needs. She feels insulted every time he does it. 
Another issues for Julian–is he going to retire from the band when he has spent his entire life with music? Will he let his lifelong friends down? How can he face the music industry after what Dena did to him? Can he get over it enough to build a relationship with Charlotte?

Highly recommend!!

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