A Thousand Letters Staci Hart


A Thousand Letters  is one of my re-read novels. I realized a week or so ago that I haven’t left reviews for the novels that I actually bought! I felt that is a HUGE disservice to the authors. In between my ARC reviews I’m going back to re-read the novels that I’ve bought. I’m starting my my re-read list. Perhaps in another post I’ll give my entire re-read listing. It is a bit long. But my all time favs!! I continue to go back to them over and over. 
Staci Hart is slowly becoming one of my favorite contemporary romance authors–I own two of her novels with two more in my wish list on Amazon. This novel sealed the deal for me. I will automatically add a Staci Hart novel after reading this novel. Ok, onto the actual review of this fabulous novel. Like I said this is one of my all time favs. 
Elliot has been in love with her best friend Sofie’s older brother Wade since high school. They were high school sweethearts. Sofie and Wade’s family was Elliot’s salvation from her own self serving father and sisters. Elliot has always been a people pleaser and peacemaker–some might say a bit of a wallflower. She blends into the background and sacrifices for those that she loves. She had to make the hardest sacrifice her senior year of high school. Wade had enlisted in the Army. Their plan was that he would go to BASIC training and get situated in his first duty station and come back for her after her high school graduation. They would get married and run off into the military sunset together. 
Wade was scared. He thought that Elliot would forget him or worse that Wade would be killed while deployed in Iraq. He wanted to ensure that Elliot would always be taken care of. He asked Elliot to come with him–now instead of waiting until her graduation. Elliot’s father and Wade made Elliot decide between her family and her heart. 
Seven years later, Wade has returned. His father had a stroke and was has cancer. He only has weeks to live. Wade comes home to take care of his younger siblings, Sofia and Sadie. Sadie is a senior in high school. Rick, Wade’s father is Elliot’s mentor. He encouraged Elliot to get her literature degree and to write. Only Elliot is a nanny for her older sister and doesn’t publish any of her poetry. When Wade sees Elliot all of his buried feelings surface–anger, love, empathy–all he can think about is holding her again. His pride gets in the way. He’s still hurt. Sofie and Sadie need him so he will need to find a way to be around Elliot. Even when Elliot reads his father poetry and soothes his younger sister. The more he’s around her the more the ice is melting around his heart. The more he understands why she made the decision she did. 
But can Elliot finally get completely through to Wade or will he continue to hurt her? Will Elliot finally be able to stand up for herself or allow her family to railroad her?  

Author Website: https://www.stacihartnovels.com/a-thousand-letters/

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