Dare me Once Shelly Alexander

Scarlett Devereaux needs to escape from her life. Her father has just been convicted of embezzelment and her mother is in complete denial by drinking and shopping. Scarlett is tired of the media hounding her. Oh, and she was just fired and dumped by the same man–her boss was her fiance. When the scandal broke about her father he dumped and fired her faster than you can say creole. What’s a girl to do? She applies for a job at a small resort that doesn’t require a background check–her lovely ex made sure that she was blacklisted. Oh, and she changed her name to Lily Barnes–her grandmother’s name and her middle name. 
Lily (Scarlett) is determined to start over at the Remington Resort on a small island off the coast of Washington State. Nothing has went right. While waiting at the airport for her last plane ride to the island, Lily gets a chair massage. This is where she meets “the Voice.” He sounds sexy, and muscular …she should not be thinking about men. She almost wrote them off since the two most important men in her life disappointed her. 

Trace Remington is a family man. He returned home to help his father with the Remington Resort six years ago after an issue with a nanny and his ex-wife. Trace quit his high powered pilot job and returned home to help his father and raise his autistic son, Ben. Trace flies the resorts’ clients to and from the resort on his floatplane. Trace’s brother’s Spence and Elliot dares Trace to get a phone number of a woman. Trace has to call her in front of his brothers to prove that the number is legit. The two brothers are just looking out for their up tight older brother who takes life too seriously. 

The problem is the number is from the sexy moaning woman at the chair masseuse, she is the perfect target with her Jimmy Choo shoes and high fashion clothes–she’s definitely a tourist. No worry about being turned down cause there’s no way that anything will happen. Too bad the moaning tourist is the new hospitality manager their father hired for the resort. She’s kind to Ben and befriends his cousin the resident baker. Oh and Lily saves a flock of ducks that Ben loves. Very few people understand Ben, including his ex-wife Ben’s mother Megan.  

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