The Break-up by Erin McCarthy

I didn’t realize this book was a sequel to The Hook-Up until I was over halfway through the novel. I did have one or two moments where I felt that I was missing an inside joke between Sophie–Bella’s little sister and Cain–Christian’s identical twin brother. But that didn’t take anything away from Bella and Christian’s story. Bella is a rich girl from Boston whose family has a vacation home in a tourist town on the coast of Maine. Bella is engaged to Bradley Alexander–was–until she found lewd texts from and to him from various women only days before the wedding. Feeling vulnerable and inept at sexual behaviors sue to the types of texts on Bradley’s phone, Bella asks local bad-boy Christian to help her lose her prudish and close-minded ways. Since Bella is still engaged Christian declines her offer–until Bella texts Christian on her wedding day to come pick her up. The duo spend the weekend together. Bella’s journey is more than learning about sex–it is also her own self-discovery. Before she blindly followed Bradley because he offered her what she always wanted–a family, stability, the dream of motherhood. Bella’s mothering nature is what lead her to social work and the job she left just days before her wedding–social worker at an adoption agency. 

Since Bella gave up her apartment, quit her job, and broke up with Bradley, she has no where to go. She manipulates Bradley into giving her the house that he bought as a wedding gift to her in the small tourist town. Bella decides to remain in Maine to begin her new life. In this sleepy tourist town doesn’t have many opportunities for an adoption social worker, so Bella begins working at one of the local bars which Christian also happens to work in. Christian inadvertently fulfills one of Bella’s dreams and in the process his own. 

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