another day

Ok, so today is my birthday. No big deal. Just another day. That’s the way it’s been since I was 12. I’m not upset by it nor am I happy about but for some reason everybody wants to stop and say “happy birthday” or “hope ur having a relaxing day today.” Yeah right. I guess it kinda annoys me because if it wasn’t for forgetting to take my birthday off facebook…no one would have said a word. I guess it just feels fake like they are only saying it because the computer told them it was today. I bet if facebook didn’t have it on there then nothing. Nada. Same as last year and the year before and so forth. Another reason why it bothers me is because I don’t celebrate my birthday.. hell I didn’t even have a 16th birthday party. For a girl that’s a big deal. On my 21st, I bought a bottle of something and went home drank it with Tim after Alex went to bed that night.

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I love to read! I review books for contemporary fiction, young adult, and romance novels. I read the majority of my novels on my Kindle.

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