I’m not real sure what to write about today all I know is that I must write. I know not what of but something. I wish I could say I have something inspiring to say or witty but both elude me today. That could be because I was awaken abruptly by my boys or the headache or my bladder all of which informed me to get up. My mind wanted to stay in my unconscious state of bliss where I brillantly bring my stories together. It’s a shame that I can’t write these things down while in this state (believe me I’ve tried). I have found out that if the same images and story repeats at least three or more times; I’m actually able to remember it and thus able to get it written down. Odd as it is, I’ve been trying to repeat my dreams and thoughts when in this state of limbo. I’m hoping this will become a habit.
Shortly, after I awoke, the day has been slowly plummeting. First with Tim’s grouchiness, then Alex’s teen angst, followed by Mathew wanting to be like Alex, then the twins thinking they have free-will. All amounts to children who are unwilling to do their chores in order to play the wii. I must say that Tim has been helping around the house much more than before. It could be because I’ve been doing things which can be seen instead of the santitizing that is not easily recognizable. At this moment, Tim is organizing the garage which means I’ll never find something I need from there, but at least it looks better than before. Mathew is finally getting himself in gear. Alex says after his shower he will motivate himself to get his stuff done, we’ll see. The twins–well, they will have to motivated yet again because cartoons revolve what they do. I should be doing something other than this such as the laundry, reading my homework assignment, anything other than what I am doing. That’s okay. I know I will get everything done. I always do.

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I love to read! I review books for contemporary fiction, young adult, and romance novels. I read the majority of my novels on my Kindle.

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