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I made a huge mistake this semester….I didn’t take Senior Seminar which I need in order to graduate but now I realize I could have graduated next summer. Now, I feel real stupid. I just pushed myself back one year. I wonder if I can take graduate classes before actually graduating with my bachelor degree. I suppose I could work on another minor or major. Who knows. Everything happens for a reason though at this moment I really can’t tell why I made such a huge blunder. This is a perfect example of why you should always listen to that little voice in your head. Damn that voice! I think I really wanted more time to work on my novel. I have so much to work on. That is another thing on my to do list. I will get that finished by the end of the summer. At least the first draft anyway.

Another note, I met with Laverne to review my papers for her class. I was quite surprised about how little she had to say about one paper but not the other although the L225 paper was (is) a mess. I had no focus. …no organization….oh it was bad. I am going to start all over with my revision. A perfect example of why one should not write a paper just hours before it is due. L346 the paper has focus with only a few grammar errors. I have found grammar is not my friend. Actually it is quite the opposite. It loathes me. My grammar is in deseparate need of improvement in both English and French. I am determined that grammar and I will be friends by the time I graduate.

I must say my conversation with Laverne was quite interesting. She said she loved my analysis from each book our class has read and felt that I should not turn away from literary analysis because I have such insight about the works. She quizzed me about which genre within creative writing I wanted to specialize in. She asked if I had taken Mary’s Poetry class. Of course I had to tell he I was avoiding it because poetry was my drawback in W203. She informed me I really need Mary’s class because every great and classical writer gained control over their writing by writing poetry. I gained such insight and respect for her today. One thing that slightly confuses me is how she knew I wanted my MFA. Did I tell her that at the beginning of the semester? Or did someone else tell her? I suppose it doesn’t really matter though.

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