Much has happened since my last posting though at this moment I don’t really want to divulge into it. I’m trying not to be a mopy cry baby but yet I’m sick and tired of lazy people. I realize I’m surrounded by them. Kinda like how that kid from Sixth Sense was….but I see lazy people. They are everywhere including my house. There are numerous in fact. What I would like to know is how in the hell did I get so many of them in my house and my family. Granted recently I myself have not been the most motivated person but yet I was not used to raising four boys by myself….yet I still feel like I am (but that’s a different posting). There’s my lazy ass bum brother who has invited himself to live with us, my baby brother who decides to smoke pot instead of getting his GED, and my mother….omg don’t even get me started there. Now add my husband and older two boys. It pains me to see how much Mathew acts like Rob. He wants everyone to do things for him. Nothing for himself. I’m really scared that Matt will turn out with that type of personality. I hope thing will change for the better soon.

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